Security Breach? How to Change the Lock

December 23, 2015

Security Breach? How to Change the Lock On a Door

Going Keyless Doesn’t Mean Going Industr

November 13, 2015

Going Keyless Doesn’t Mean Going Industrial – Check Out These Stylish Locks

How It Works: Kaba E-Plex Wireless Accessories

March 8, 2013

Product: Wireless accessories for the E-Plex Enterprise Access Control System

AKA: E-Plex Wireless stuff

The E-Plex wireless system is designed to be flexible and scalable. Whether starting out new with wireless technology or adding on to an existing system, building a Kaba Wireless System is as simple as:

  • Conducting a site survey
  • Choosing an E-Plex Lock
  • Choosing an antenna kit
  • Placing the Gateway/Routers



Benefits of Going Wireless With E-Plex

  1. Real-time functionality of events and alarms
  2. Eliminates visiting doors to update information
  3. Centralized access control management
  4. Ability to manage both wireless and stand-alone locks
  5. Emergency global lockdown or passage of locks
  6. Manage up to 100 wireless locks without a network interface
  7. Compatible with existing Wi-Fi network using optiontal adapter
  8. Proven wireless technology
  9. Mesh network for redundancy
  10. Portability allows locks to be easily moved

GoKeyless Obtains Kaba E-Plex Wireless Certification

March 5, 2013

This is HUGE! This impacts us and our customers in a great way.

Kaba is a leading provider of Mechanical and Electronic Access Control solutions with an extensive line of Keyless Locks. Kaba has time and again been the first company on the market with new and innovative solutions, setting standards in terms of security as well as convenience.


We have been offering their electronic keyless lock line, Kaba E-Plex, for many years now. The quality and variety of their products meet the needs of more than half of our commercial customers. And now with their release of the new E-Plex Wireless accessories, we are able to offer convenient and secure solutions with centralized wireless management. It is now a new era of access control for the masses.

It took us four years of hard work before we were able to earn our status as a certified dealer for Kaba. August 2013 is our ten year anniversary as a company and marking the sixth year as a Kaba premier distributor. We are one of the only online companies that is able to offer the Kaba E-Plex wireless accessories at the same competitive prices. We have unrestrained access to the products, which gives us the ability to fulfill custom orders as large as you can imagine.

We pride ourselves as certified dealers of Kaba products and all other manufacturers that we offer. We are grateful for your business and look forward the opportunity to serve you.

Coming soon…. a blog entry that will talk about how the Kaba E-Plex products work

Nina Dobrev Gets Locked Out Of Her House On Oscar Day

February 28, 2013

Los Angeles, February 24 (

Nina Dobrev's purse that was left at home while locked out.

Nina Dobrev’s purse that was left at home while locked out.

Before hopping from Elton John’s AIDs Foundation gala to both Vanity Fair‘s exclusive bash and Seth MacFarlane’s own party, Nina Dobrev hit a road block. The Vampire Diaries star left her house sans purse, only to realize she forgot the keys. “I got locked out of the house for 30 minutes!” Dobrev told Us Weekly.

Nina Dobrev at the Oscars.

Nina Dobrev at the Oscars.

“I was at a meeting and I left the house without my purse. I walked there and walked back and everyone had gone for brunch and I couldn’t get back into the house.” Once everyone came home, Dobrev threw on her black and white Naeem Khan gown and joined her boyfriend and TVD co-star Ian Somerhalder at John’s Oscar viewing party.

While you might not be on your way to an Oscar’s party, don’t be inconvenienced anymore. Go keyless to save time and headache. You DO NOT need keys anymore!

We suggest this new Schlage BE469. It will auto-lock when you leave the house, sound an alarm if someone is trying to break-in the door, and you can even control it from your phone.