Schlage Change Code

Congratulations you have purchased your new home! One of the features you liked so much about it was the Schlage Keyless Entry Keypad deadbolts and lever handles which provide security and convenience. The only problem is now that you have moved in, you don’t feel secure as the prior owners’ old code is still in the keypad and you don’t have the instructions to change the code. What now?

Here at GoKeyless we want to help you feel that same security you wanted to have when you first saw the locks.  So here at GoKeyless we thought why not provide you with the help you need?  With that in mind here are the instructions to change the code on your BE and FE series Schlage keyless deadbolt locks and lever handle locks:

Step 1: You need to locate the master code for the lock. Without the booklet there is only one other place to find this code. If you take the lock off of the door you will find the master code on a sticker on the back of the front of the lock. It is put there for security purposes as it requires you to have the access and ability to remove the lock from the door. The sticker will have three codes on it. The first one is your six digit Master Code labeled as such and the other two are pre-set four digit user codes set by the manufacturer so that people do not have to set a code unless they want to do so.

Step 2: Now that you have located the Master Code you need to begin by removing the old user code in the lock. If you look at the keypad you will notice that it has ten numbers and above those ten numbers is a button labeled Schlage. We will use the following abbreviations for the sequences: The Master Code is six digits and will look like this: 6DMC. The four digit user codes will look like this: 4DUC. The Schlage button will light up as you do the sequences: It will flash orange once it is in program mode, green when it accepts sequences and codes, and red when something is entered incorrectly. To remove a code you will do the following Sequence:

DELTE CODE: 6DMC + Schlage button + #2 + Current 4DUC + Reenter Current 4DUC Schlage button flashes green.

Step 3: Now that you have removed the code the previous owners had you may worry about there being more codes in the lock.  Well do not worry as we can go ahead an erase all the user codes on the lock with one sequence:

Remove ALL User Codes: 6DMC + Schlage button + #6 + Reenter 6DMC

Note: This removes all user codes but not the master code.

Step 4: Excellent job on removing the old codes now you need to enter a new code for yourself. To add a new code at any time you will follow this sequence:

ADD CODE: 6DMC + Schlage button + #1 + New 4DUC + Reenter 4DUC Schlage button flashes green.

Congratulations once again as you have now reprogrammed your new locks and they are ready use! If you need additional locks or know others who do check us out at, America’s Choice for Keyless Entry!

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66 Responses to “Schlage Change Code”

  1. Glen Olinger Says:

    I took our lock apart and found the small piece of paper reflecting the User Code A and User Code B but the master code portion of the paper was torn or worn off. I do not have the master code. What do I do now?

    • gokeyless Says:

      Dear Glen, Unfortunately since you are unable to obtain the master code you need to call the manufacturer and they will work with you from there. You can contact them at 800-847-1864. Tom Johnson, GoKeyless

  2. Jo Strickler Says:

    How do I change the battery?

  3. Greg Conner Says:

    How large is the interior box?

  4. Lisa Woodward Says:

    I have tried the directions above and it is not working. Do these directions work for all Schlage keyless locks?

  5. gokeyless Says:

    Those instructions do work for the Schlage FE595. If you’re still stuck, please call Schlage’s tech support line at 866-322-1237. Team GoKeyless

  6. Matt n Says:

    Worked great, thank you.

  7. H Brown Says:

    Wonderful instructions. Follow these and you won’t go wrong.

  8. Gigi Says:

    It looks like I locked myself out. I remember the code, but there is a red light blinking. I’m guessing it’s the battery. And of course my keys are inside the locked room. Is there a way to “charge the battery” or “jolt” it so that I can input my code?

  9. Michael Murdock Says:

    I find a huge hole in security with these locks that I paid quite a bit of money for. Simply that if someone else, whether a previous owner or tenants etc. have acquired thett master code it renders the lock virtually useless as they now have the ability to override your new codes at will. There seems to be no way to change the master code. Serious problem!

  10. denise Says:

    what happens if the codes are worn off the inside of the locks?

  11. Monica M Says:

    Is there a way to change the master code?

  12. Monica Hogan Says:

    I have the user guide but not the “manual” and as far as I can see this doesn’t give me a “master code”. I want to change the code and I’m not seeing that in the user guide. Can you help me please.

  13. Gena Copeland Says:

    How do I add a 2nd code?

  14. Carlo Says:

    are these locks easy to bump? since there is an override key available?

    • GoKeyless Employee Says:

      Our Tech Support Team says that these are not very easy to bump. As has been explained to us: “The cores have a Mushroom-pin (also called a T-pin) that makes it much more difficult to bump.” Also, some of the models have core that turned horizontally rather than a standard vertical which adds difficulty to bumping. Bumping is probably still possible, but there are measures in place to insure that it will be a comparatively difficult process.

  15. cambridge Locksmith Says:

    cambridge Locksmith…

    […]Schlage Change Code « GoKeyless[…]…

  16. Savannah Says:

    is there a button you have to press before you enter in the programming code?

  17. leah Says:

    mine is flashing red…the key is inside and the manual…it is saturday at 1am and tech support does not reopen until monday…what can i do to override to get in….PLEASE

    • GoKeyless Employee Says:

      The red light can indicate two things, either the wrong code was entered or your batteries are low. Typically, the low battery warning will display for a month before the lock stops working.

  18. steve fisher Says:

    We have one of these locks used for a semi private bath exterior door in an airplane hanger. How can you set it so it can’t be opened by the code while you are in the bathroom. Someone can inadvertantly walk in on someone.

  19. Tommy Says:


    A friend just got possession of her house yesterday. She has a Schlage Deadbolt on it. (BE365/BE365F) is what it looks like to me from looking at the instruction manual on the website.

    Is there a way to re-key this lock? I feel from the instructions above that I will be able to figure out how to re-program it for her. Is this one of the smart-key locks?


    • GoKeyless Employee Says:

      Your lock will not the the “Schlage SecureKey” feature. To rekey your lock, you should be able to contact a local locksmith and tell them that you want your lock re-keyed. It should be re-keyed like normal door hardware.
      Please call us if you have any problem with them: (937) 890-2333

  20. Feng Wu Says:

    for my understanding, you can use the key to open the lock anytime without entering the user code thus, if the old tenant moved out but hiding one key with him then,even after I have changed the user code, he still should be able to use the key to open the door lock, is this true? and how to prevent it?

    • GoKeyless Employee Says:

      Yes, there is a possibility that the previous tenant made a copy of the key override. All you need to do is call a local locksmith and ask them to “rekey” your cylinder. It should cost you around $25.

  21. Feng Wu Says:

    where can I find the KEYPAD LOCKS USER GUIDE from online? for model Schlage FE595-PLY-JAZ since it did not included when I purchased. or how to reset back to factory settings on programming code in case I forgot the programming code.

  22. R. Butler Says:

    Tried to change and delete old codes. I can only get to the 4th number when entering the 6DMC before it blink red as I entered a wrong code. Called customer service and they said I had a weak battery. Well I replaced the battery and same outcome.

  23. Warren Says:

    Can user code be more than 4 digits?

  24. Jennifer Says:

    There are two key pads to the house using this system. Process worked on one, but not the other. Would they have separate programming codes?

    • GoKeyless Employee Says:

      Yes that is correct. Every Schlage Keypad lock has it’s own unique programming code. If you do not know what the programming code is, you can take the lock off of the door and it will be printed on the inside. Make sure you keep it in your records for the future.

  25. Jessica Says:

    This worked perfectly. Peace of mind attained. Thank you!

  26. Schlage Says:

    Do you have to to set the code again after changing the batteries?

    • GoKeyless Employee Says:

      You should be able to change the battery without having to reprogram the lock. As long as you change the battery quickly enough. You should have about 1-5 minutes before losing the data. Also note that you could lose the data if your lock battery has been dead for a while.

  27. Tom Says:

    When my deadbolt is locked all I have to do is press the schlage key and the green light comes on and I can turn the knob with out a code. This is not secure, how do I prevent this ?

    • GoKeyless Employee Says:

      That sounds like an odd situation that we have never experienced. Something is most likely not connected properly inside of the lock. Here is the direct # for Schlage’s tech support department: 866-322-1237. They should be able to help you with that.

  28. Tom Says:

    figured it out, the cam was not vertical when installed this caused the lock to operate with just a push of the schalage key when locked.

  29. Paul Boulet Says:

    We had some very cold weather, -45c. We were able to input the code however the lock would not work. We tried the emergency key overdrive, still didn’t work. The thumb turn just spins and does not engage. Any suggestions? The lock looks great but if I can’t get into my home what’s the point.

    • GoKeyless Employee Says:

      Unfortunately, these locks are only designed to work at -20F and we have seen them function even at -30F. We have seen some customers put a cover around the lock to prevent the wind or moisture from penetrating the lock. Although that doesn’t look as nice as a traditional lock, it seems to work well.

  30. luisangelvelez Says:

    I dont not how use the master code

  31. Danica Says:

    I changed the user code on the lock and it was accepted, however, when the Schlage button is pressed and the tumbler is turned to engage the deadbolt it only spins. Advice?

    • Michael Says:

      The lock/unlock mechanism is only engaged for about 5 seconds after code is entered and only while the Shlage button is flashing green. Any other times it will just spin freely.

      • Danica Says:

        I’m used to how it functions properly as it did before I changed the user code. It spins freely while the Schlage button is flashing green. Is it possible I missed something when I put the lock back together?

      • GoKeyless Employee Says:

        Yes, it sounds like the cam was horizontal when you re-installed the lock. The cam must be vertical in order to work as originally intended. That is common issue among users, especially when changing the code.

      • GoKeyless Employee Says:

        It sounds like the cam was horizontal when you re-installed the lock. The cam must be vertical in order to work as originally intended. That is a common occurrence among users.

  32. Sharon Bouteiller Says:

    I am wanting to be able to change codes quickly and easily between people who rent on a nightly basis / it is needed for an exterior door and I live in Canada where the temperature is COLD / I want a dead bolt / I like the lever handle. Can you make a recommendation for a lock that is on sale? I am not fussy about the finish available – just the price and the quick code change.

  33. Schlage Latch Says:

    keyless Schlage Latch amazing product is it water proof too.

  34. paul dorlque jr Says:

    I changed my access code now i have to press code in to lock n unlock when before i can press the schlage botton then turn the lock how do i get in back that way

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