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Nina Dobrev Gets Locked Out Of Her House On Oscar Day

February 28, 2013

Los Angeles, February 24 (

Nina Dobrev's purse that was left at home while locked out.

Nina Dobrev’s purse that was left at home while locked out.

Before hopping from Elton John’s AIDs Foundation gala to both Vanity Fair‘s exclusive bash and Seth MacFarlane’s own party, Nina Dobrev hit a road block. The Vampire Diaries star left her house sans purse, only to realize she forgot the keys. “I got locked out of the house for 30 minutes!” Dobrev told Us Weekly.

Nina Dobrev at the Oscars.

Nina Dobrev at the Oscars.

“I was at a meeting and I left the house without my purse. I walked there and walked back and everyone had gone for brunch and I couldn’t get back into the house.” Once everyone came home, Dobrev threw on her black and white Naeem Khan gown and joined her boyfriend and TVD co-star Ian Somerhalder at John’s Oscar viewing party.

While you might not be on your way to an Oscar’s party, don’t be inconvenienced anymore. Go keyless to save time and headache. You DO NOT need keys anymore!

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Avoid Car Wrecks, Go Keyless!

January 10, 2013

Lafayette, December 12 ( –

William “Billy” Barry, 44, of Lafayette was slowing to a stop while driving south on 18th Street when he looked down to see if the key to his new apartment was in his lap. The next moment, he slammed into the wall outside the Lafayette fire station on 18th Street. “I must have hit the curb,” Barry said. The impact then propelled his pickup truck into the fire station wall. Barry slammed his elbows into the steering wheel, but he didn’t complain of any other injuries from the early Friday afternoon crash. Lt. Elmo Paul Robledo of the Lafayette Fire Department said he had just returned from a run when he saw the red Chevy pickup truck. Barry, who is on disability, was returning to his former residence to gather more of his belongings for his move when he crashed. He had just met with his landlords, he said, and he had lost the key to his new apartment. “I should have took time to put it on (the key ring) before I took off, but I was in a hurry,” Barry said.

Several sets of keys to the Tower of London were stolen by a burglar who scaled the fortress' main gate last week, British media reported.

This is what happens if you look for your home keys while driving. Go keyless to prevent this from happening. (and no, this was not the Lafayette man’s car)

We know that this is a silly story, but we have added it our list of reasons why you should go keyless.😉

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Keys Stolen From The Tower of London on Guy Fawkes Night

December 4, 2012

LONDON, November 12

Bumbling guards at the Tower of London are facing the ax after a thief managed to scale the front gate of the 11th century fortress and steal a set of keys from an unlocked strongbox, according to British reports. The keys unlocked a drawbridge, some conference rooms and a restaurant at the complex, and royal officials were forced to have  a number of the locks changed, The Sun newspaper reported. The Royal Crown Jewels, which are kept under guard at the Tower, were never at risk of being stolen, a royal spokesperson said.

Several sets of keys to the Tower of London were stolen by a burglar who scaled the fortress' main gate last week, British media reported.

Several sets of keys to the Tower of London were stolen by a burglar who scaled the fortress’ main gate last week, British media reported.

The daring heist took place on Guy Fawkes Night, the annual Nov. 5 celebration that commemorates the break-up of a plot to assassinate King James I in 1605. According to the Sun, the Towers traditional guards, known as the Beefeaters, spotted the thief but didn’t chase him because they are forbidden to leave their post. Instead, the guards radioed for help from a night watchman, but were ignored, the Sun said.

The Beefeaters, officially the Yeoman Warders,  guard the palace along with a private security firm. Security was a total shambles, a Tower source told the newspaper. The burglar climbed over the Front Gate then got over another gate and found a metal box with the keys inside. The box is supposed to be kept locked at all times but it was open.

London’s Metropolitan Police was hunting for the burglar, and a spokesman for the Historic Royal Palaces, the independent charity that runs the Tower, said the incident was under review. The castle complex, which sits on the bank of the Thames river in central London, has served several functions in its century-long history. It has been a royal residence, a prison, a treasury, a mint, and the site of a handful of executions. Today, it primarily operates as a tourist attraction.

Stolen keys?? Why in the world are they still using keys for their facilities? What is even funnier is that the keys were supposed to be inside of a locked box, which also needed a key to unlock.

Below is a keyless lock (left) that is fancy enough for the Tower of London. Or at least lock your keys in a keyless, key-storage box (right).

Ricky Martin Gets Locked Out Of Apartment In His Underwear

October 18, 2012

NEW YORK, October 12 (EFE) –

Ricky Martin won the sympathy of thousands of followers in confessing on social networks that this week the door of his apartment closed behind him, leaving him locked outside in his underwear with no keys to get back in.

“What a way to start the day. I just got locked out of my apartment without keys. And alone. The door banged shut. The problem is I was in my underwear,” Martin tweeted on his Twitter account, immediately sparking a massive outpouring of compassion from his fans. The Puerto Rican, currently performing on Broadway in a revival of “Evita,” pursued the anecdote saying that he had to go downstairs to reception to look for a copy of the keys. “As you know at 8:15 a.m. the elevator is full of people going to work,” Martin said, adding that the experience gave him a “tremendous rush of daybreak adrenaline” and all he could do about it was laugh.

The incident quickly did the rounds with no less than 7,168 people leaving a comment about it on the singer’s Facebook page, more than 37,000 saying they “like” the anecdote and 953 sharing it with their contacts. Martin posted on his Twitter account a caricature drawn by a follower showing the artist wearing underwear printed with the Puerto Rican flag and reading a newspaper, as some of his astonished neighbors look on.

A caricature drawn by a follower showing the artist wearing underwear printed with the Puerto Rican flag and reading a newspaper, as some of his astonished neighbors look on.

As soon as we heard about this story, we immediately tried to get in contact with him:

We haven’t heard anything back from him yet…but we will be here! We will continue to provide keyless entry for everyone so they don’t have to experience the embarrassment like Mr. Martin.

To prevent a similar accident, we would suggest something like our fancy Yale Touchscreen Lever Keyless Lock. It has a modern style with matched functionality:

Man Sells Keys To New York City On Ebay

October 2, 2012

NEW YORK, Sept. 30 (UPI) – A locksmith who owned a set of keys to New York City sold them on eBay for $150, officials said.

Daniel Ferraris, a retired locksmith from New Jersey, was selling what he called a “firemen’s key ring” on eBay, the New York Post reported Sunday. The set included five keys that controlled of most elevators in the city, power to municipal buildings and skyscrapers, opened subway gates and some firehouse doors and provide access construction sites. In his eBay ad, Ferraris said all the keys were obsolete and had not been used in years.”

Ferraris told the New York Post he collected the keys from various sources. “I get them from different places. I was a locksmith for many years, and I go to shows and get some from collectors,” he said. The sale prompted concern from the city Department of Transportation, as well New York’s police and fire departments. “These keys are issued to firefighters for emergency situations,” said Former FDNY and NYPD Commissioner Howard Safir. “Just anyone having them is very dangerous.”

It is time to stop using keys! They are a 4000 year old technology. If you own a home, own your own business, or work for a government entity, it is time to get serious about your security. We have the customer service team that can help you find the right lock for your front door at home and outfit your entire commercial building with networked access control and cameras. Don’t live in fear that someone is selling copies of your keys on Ebay.

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